Coventry Bears • England

This project really resonated with us here at Tycoon Creative.  As a rugby fan, creating a branding for U.K. based semi-pro team was like a dream come true.  The owner himself worked with us through the project every step of the way.  As we started the creative process, we knew that we had the synergy to create a great piece.  Coach Alan was able to articulate exactly what he was looking for and was able to bounce back quick & positive responses as we worked our way through the discovery phase. As the bear emerged from the sketchbook and was fleshed out through the final vector phase, we knew that we had a winner.  The bears easily adopted their new mark as you can see with the 2013 kit's (uniforms to those of us in the US) in the second image.

Coach Alan also allowed us to enter the Coventry Bears new mark in LogoLounge, Volume 7 contest. Logo Lounge receives of 300,000 images worldwide out of which 2,000 are selected and published in each volume.  We are proud to say we were one of them!  Thanks Coach Alan for the opportunity to develop the sports brand for the Coventry Bears!

Coventry Bears

Coventry Bears Team Photo • Kits by Tycoon Creative